Sarasota Responsive web design series, did you make the deadline?

Google set the deadline for April 21st 2015. Penalizing those who have bulky sites and boosting those with responsive or mobile sites. Did you make the cut or are you missing out on potential business?

Beginning April 21:

  • Google will label mobile-friendly websites
  • This label will be visible in mobile search results
  • Google will use this when factoring your ranking
  • This will have a significant impact in search engine results

Even though this deadline has passed we can still help you get caught up! Whats stopping you? Call today 941-894-9259 and get a free estimate of turning your current site into a mobile friendly, responsive web site!

Here are some Mobile Statistics From Google:

  • 50% of consumers who conducted a search on their smartphone visited a store within a day
  • 88% of local searches occur on a smartphone
  • 40 million calls on average are made each month to businesses directly from their Google ads
  • 32% of first-time home buyers will use a mobile device to search for mortgage info.
  • 98% of those aged 18-34 use smartphones on a daily basis to view video content
  • 40% of all minutes spent watching YouTube Videos are spent using smartphones
  • 41% of business travellers book travel via their smartphones