We know everyones seen the commercials. Make your own website for free! Their’s plenty of options and no shortage of commercials to show them off.  People always ask me “Whats the difference between using that and having you make me a website?”   After many debates and many customers and friends actually trying these services and spending months before finally throwing there hands up in the air and asking for help, the answer to why go with a local web design vs online website builder is always customer service!

Local Web Design and its benefits to you as a client –

When you go local and actually sit down with a web designer like Fortify Interactive of Sarasota, you get the opportunity to explain and share your company, it’s history, and who you are as a person and how you want that information to convey online and been seen by your target audience.  The local designer can help set up an SEO plan and local marketing model that will help you understand and manage your companies online presence, having your key demographic at your fingertips.

Customization – the second reason to choose local web design vs online website builder

Many of these free and so called “easy to use” website builders draw you in on those premises but then once hooked they show their sharp teeth! They don’t offer the look you want, the layout you need, or the flexibility your hoping for.  A local designer can design, create, code, and manage the site your company deserves and fortify interactive offers these services to the greater sarasota and manatee area.  Fortify Interactive offers consulation services, website optimization, SEO, and local marketing among many more services.  We are just a phone call or click away from meeting with you and helping answer any questions you have!