Don’t have a mobile site? We can fix that!

Google and Bing are pushing for mobile friendly sites and they are paying off big in the search box! For years SEO has been based on linking, tags, headings, and content.  Those days seem to be numbered in the ever changing SEO and website field.  User based content is reigning supreme!

“Google isn’t the only big internet company that will promote mobile-friendly websites in its search results — Microsoft says it will soon give higher rankings to mobile-optimized sites in Bing. While the company won’t push these sites at all costs (it’s still interested in giving you the most relevant links), it expects these tuned pages to float closer to the top. To help things along, it’s planning to release a tool that tells site operators whether or not their content is ready for smaller screens. Microsoft doesn’t expect to roll out this updated search code for another few months, but it shouldn’t be too long before the days of constant zooming and scrolling are over.” source

So what does this mean for you as a customer and business owner?

Time to step up to the plate and update your web 2.0 site to something that is mobile friendly with a responsive design! While were at it let’s build you a site or redesign your site into a CMS so that your business is ready to handle the future with ease.

Fortify interactive can build that site for you. Using WordPress, Joomla, DotNetNuke or any other CMS we can create a custom site for you that’s mobile ready! The responsive the search engines are begging you for!

How do I get my site up to date?

Easy! send us an email or fill out or contact form and we will set up a free consultation and get your business on the right path!